What terrifies me the most is that sometimes, people’s words, are just words.
They are a combination of vowels and consonants; which, theoretically can be repeated by anyone ordinary. This can be at any time, month and season of the year.
Nothing less, nothing more.

If there is a truth behind them, and oh God, I pray there is. I want you to show me.

I don’t want to read it, or hear it.
I want to feel it.

I want to feel it when my eyes are closed.
And when my ears refuse.
I want to feel it in my blood.
In my flesh.
And in my bones.
I don’t want just words. I never have.

Conversations. (via pennyroyalprincess)

When you make someone swallow his pride,
When you destroy someone’s castles in the air,
When you put out someone’s candle of hope,
When you pass someone over,
When you even close your ears for not hearing the sound of somebody’s breaking pride,
When you see God, but don’t see God’s creatures,
I want to know,
To which sky do you raise your hand to pray for your benediction?

Sohrab Sepehri (via pedarsag)


I count losses like loose change and don’t have the heart to recognize the tens and hundreds of greater quantities they amount to

why cash them in for something simpler when I can continue to count and
count and